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75 938 EUR - per property / 1m2 = 316 EUR

5 & more Bedroom Cottage for sale     

Ulitsa Tsentral'naya, Yaroslavskaya oblast', Russia, 152280

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Basic information

  - Total area :240 m2
  - Ownership :Personal
  - Rooms :5
  - Building :Wooden
  - Balcony :Balcony / Loggia
  - Floor :2
  - Parking :Parking in front of the Property
New house for sale in 17 km. from Jaroslavle, Nekrasovsky district. An area of ​​1284 m2 is surrounded by a profiled sheet fence. The house is built of 240 mm round wood, has a veranda and a balcony. The house with a total area of ​​144 m2 has a veranda and a balcony of 48 m2, it has an external surface. The basis is the pilot tape, metal roofing. Of course there is a Unilos wastewater treatment plant, the heating is provided by an electric boiler, it is a water heater. There is a kitchen with 30 m2 dining room, guest room, entrance hall, boiler room, bathroom with toilet. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, a study and a toilet. All furniture and appliances are included in the price. On the property there is a wooden sauna with a 28 m2 porch, it is insulated, the ceiling is imitated from the gravel, the floors are covered with a wooden board. It can be used as a guest house. The village won the first prize at Jaroslavl CITY VISION AWARDS-2016 in the nomination Best Chalet Village. 24-hour security, access control, fenced area, grocery store, guest parking, street lighting, private beach promenade, walkways, benches, sports and playground, near the forest, fishing.


  - Bedrooms :3
  - Bathrooms :2
  - Usable area :144 m2
  - Lot area :1284 m2
  - Kittchen area :30 m2
  - Land type :Straight land
Near the forest / park
  - Furnished :Furnished
  - Storage space :In-built wardrobes
  - Windows :Plastic
  - Heating :Central / Electric boiler
Central / Storage heater
  - Water :Local source / Well
  - Waste :Water treatment for the entire building
  - Electricity :230 V
  - Year of construction :2015
  - Property status :Maintained
  - Building type :Separate Property


  Wooden floor
  Floor tiles
  Security doors
  Washing machine
  Electric stove
  Reception / Security / Alarm
  View to the green area
  View to the street / city view

Pricing conditions

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+ R.E.Agency commission
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  - Mortgage :


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Restaurant -
1.85 km
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School / Kindergarten -
2.39 km
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Pharmacy -
2.45 km
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Bank -
5.73 km
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Supermarket -
6 km
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Park -
6.19 km
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Police -
6.34 km
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Doctor -
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Museum -
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Contact Us

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  Demian Gregor
Sales broker
  +420 777 662 242 ( , Viber )
  REALLYST, Bolans, s.r.o.

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